How Dental Bonding Can Minimize Gaps Between Teeth

Posted on: December 1, 2023

Dental Bonding Portland, OR

If you have gapped teeth, dental bonding can be an option to restore your smile. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses composite resin materials to transform the teeth’s appearance. Dental bonding can correct not only small spaces between teeth but also other flaws like discoloration and minor tooth decay, cracks, or chips. It could also be a potential solution for those who need to improve the size or shape of their teeth.

What does the process involve?

Dental bonding starts by using a special color chart to match the color of the teeth with the proper shade of the resin material to be bonded. Then, the dentist prepares the surface of the teeth by using a mild etching solution and applying a conditioning primer. This process is necessary to ensure that the bonding material adheres to the teeth. The bonding material has a putty-like consistency. This allows the dentist to mold it directly onto the teeth using a set of small sculpting tools.

As soon as the bonding material is sculpted to fill or cover the space between teeth, the dentist will cure the newly bonded surface using a dental curing light. This process hardens the resin material into that smooth, natural-looking enamel-like finish. Finally, the dentist will smoothen the hardened bonding surface to keep it from irritating the inside of the mouth. Polishing the surface also matches the surfaces of the adjacent teeth in terms of tone and texture. The entire procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

Does dental bonding last a long time?

Dental bonding is not permanent but may last between five to 10 years. Several factors affect its life span, such as the type of composite used. Where the bonding material was applied and how much of it was used on the teeth are also aspects to consider. Even the health and strength of a patient’s teeth where the bonding material was applied also impact its durability. The resin material used for bonding is hard-wearing, but it is not as durable as natural teeth. Certain habits can affect the material’s strength, including nail-biting and teeth-grinding.

How to make them last as long as possible

Dental bonding is not resistant to wear and tear. But there are ways to extend its life span, such as maintaining good oral hygiene practices. These include regularly brushing teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste. It is also vital to floss properly every day. Equally important is to visit the dentist for routine dental exams to prevent issues from becoming too advanced.

Get the gaps between teeth fixed today

Gapped teeth are a common dental issue that affects people. Not only can this problem affect dental functionality but also negatively impact a person’s self-image. If you have gapped teeth, think about getting them fixed now. Dental bonding can fill the space between the teeth, usually in just a single visit. The bonding material can last long, but it is not permanent. So, reversing it is possible if necessary.

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